Our Mission Statement, Our Values, and Where We Can Improve

Imagine you’re reviewing a number of businesses to decide which one to choose. What’s more important to you: the cost, or the service?

Some might say ‘buy cheap, pay twice’ - and others might prefer the cheapest on the market so that money can be reserved for other things.

Some may feel that high service levels should always come as standard, while others may feel that high service levels come at too much of a price premium.

I’m sure you have an opinion. I wanted to share mine with you, so that you know what to expect when you deal with us.

I believe that service is the most important factorwhen dealing with any organisation – and this always depends on the people involved. Why? Because service is a form of relationship, and the best relationships bring the best rewards. 

So I decided to ask our customers what they thought of the service we offered. I wanted to know if they were happy in the relationship they have with us…or if it feels like the advantages in that relationship only go one way!

I was delighted to have a large number of responses to the questionnaire I sent out – which was designed to take less than 50 seconds to complete, and included a reward of £200 off their next quotation, or three tickets to Wembley to watch an England Men’s International game, the FA Cup Semi-Final, the Domestic League Cup Final, the Charity Shield Final or the FA Cup Final. 

Those responses from our clients showed me how they viewed us – and as it included the good, the bad and the ugly, it proved to be immensely valuable. 

Our customers said:

  • We have a broad knowledge of the building energy industry
  • We cut through he jargon - which can be overwhelming when it comes to dealing with government building regulations.

One person, who was working on their first project, said: ‘I was completely in the dark and lost, with my husband just having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  You answered kindly my sometimes-ridiculous questions and sorted out my problems. I cannot thank you enough’.

Another said: ‘I am completely satisfied with the service received from Darren Evans - very easy to work with, polite and professional’.

But it’s easy for anyone to shout about the great things they do – what about the bad and the ugly side? 

Here’s some of the customer feedback that prompted me to make a few changes.

  • 'We don't like being sold to'
  • 'You invoice to early'
  • 'I deal with different people on the same project'
  • 'We want to work with you, but you charge too much'

As an organisation, we have a number of things that we’re in the process of improving, and tweaks are now being made to address those concerns. 

When I asked ‘Would you refer or recommend Darren Evans to any other person or organisation?’ over 97% said that they would definitely recommend us, and a massive 89% said that we made their day job easier! 

In addition: 

  • 80% of our clients said that we are good value for money
  • And the overall rating of the company was 4.4 out of 5

Having received this feedback, my commitment now is that this time next year, when the same survey is sent out to clients, those numbers will have increased. My aim is that 99% of our customers will say they’ll recommend us, that 92% will say we make their day job easier, that 85% will say that we are good value for money, and that our overall rating will go up to 4.8 out of 5. 

It’s a lofty goal, but my ethos is built around working with great people to get great things done, and we have great people at Darren Evans Assessments. I think that part of being great is having values based on trust: consistently delivering an expected result, and putting our words into action. 

We will always proudly champion excellent service and strong customer relationships as the key to our business. If that sounds important to you too, give us a call when you need us.   


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