Our Ecology team have been busy carrying out Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and Bat Building Assessments.  As the season for these surveys comes to a close in the next couple of weeks we wanted to remind you of the importance of getting your surveys booked in as quickly as possible.

If you have any sites which have the potential for bat presence and you are considering submitting a planning application in the near future, we would strongly advise you commission a Bat Building Assessment before it is too late. 

Any Assessment undertaken once the season comes to an end will likely not be accepted by local planning authorities, and this can result in a lengthy wait of up to 8 months as the next season recommences around April.

During the winter months a preliminary bat survey would be able to determine the likely potential that bats might be using a building, however a planning application will require a full Bat Building Assessment to be conducted during the active season.  There is a risk that planning applications might not be validated without the full Bat Building Assessments unless it is considered the potential for bats on your site is unlikely and no further surveys would be required.

To avoid delays to any of your site proposals, we recommend you act quickly by getting an Ecologist involved to undertake any necessary Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and Bat Building Assessments.

Get in touch with us today to support you on your projects, or contact us if you have any questions and would like to speak to our Ecologist for advice.