114 homes including 101 private sale and 13 shared ownership. The residential units are provided in three blocks ranging from two to 11 storey’s in height.

Calculations were completed in order to meet the BREEAM Targets. A 25% improvement over Part L to achieve BREEAM Excellent mandatory criteria and Code Level 4.

We worked through the calculations adjusting the CHP and Boilers to ensure maximum efficiency between the systems to meet the targets.

The Lighting design is crucial in SBEM (Very intensive on electrical demand) and therefore a system including appropriate controls was suggested in order to offset the need for other items;- BMS and metering dropped.

The lighting was to be T5 fluorescent tubes with an efficacy of no less than 75 Lumens per circuit watt, with the offices to include Photoelectric dimming (dimming which responds to daylight levels).

The Café has a large area of glazing and the original calculations demonstrated the building was exceeding the solar gains levels outlined in Criteria 3. As the Building was using curtain walling, it was possible to use blanked out panels to reduce the solar radiation entering the zone. A mix of introducing blanked panelling and solar control glass was used to meet Criterion 3 levels. This was a client preference to using bris solei.

Reducing the solar Gain had to be balanced with the BREEAM requirements for adequate Daylighting levels, calculations which we also carried out.

In summary, we got the office and cafe to hit a 25% improvement over Part L to meet BREEAM Excellent.  We also managed to ensure that the dwellings achieved 36% improvement over Part L to ensure Code Level 4.

We ensured that the solar gains did not exceed Part L Criterion 3 (by reducing the glazed areas and using solar control glass) and finally demonstrating the building has adequate daylight levels.

Sectors: Residential, Retail, Commercial
Services: BREEAM, SAP, SBEM, CfSH, LZC, Daylighting, Green Lease Agreement