Darren Evans’ provides consultancy to help clients, design consultants, contractors and manufacturers apply life cycle costing analysis for their specific projects or bid proposals. This consultancy can be applied in a number of ways:

  • Undertake Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis for a specific project, bid proposal, or to obtain BREEAM (add link to BREEAM page) credits
  • Advice and mentor the project team on LCC analysis throughout their specific project or bid proposal
  • Develop a methodology for the project team to follow
  • Provide workshops for project teams with LCC models forming the basis of discussion, to understand implications of change to capital, operation and end of life costs

Life cycle costing sees beyond lowest first cost taking into account running costs, energy, maintenance and replacement. 

Our advice is not influenced by the desire to promote a particular technical solution or product. 

How the supply chain can use Life Cycle Costing consultancy

  • Clients in the private and public sectors who want to understand the Life Cycle Cost of their project
  • Manufacturers who would see LCC as a way to prove competitive advantage of their products against competitor offerings
  • Design consultants and contractors who want to provide full implications of a comprehensive economic assessment of a project.
  • Any stakeholder looking for an independent verification of LCC calculations for a project or specific bid proposal
  • Any stakeholder looking for independent economic evaluation between different technical solutions or products

Life cycle costing can be linked to other forms of assessment for prospective projects or alternative designs.


Why not call and speak to a member of the team or email (link to email) and let us know how we can help?