A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study using IMPACT software is carried out on a development to calculate the embodied carboninvolved in a project. In other words, it assesses the environmental impact of the materials used across their whole lifetime, from materials processing, manufacturing, transportation and specification. Knowing this gives the developers a better idea of the overall environmental impact of their designs, helping them to make well-informed and sustainable choices. 

LCA studies are carried out using industry-recognised tools to ensure compliance with relevant BREEAM credits. 

Do I need an LCA?

Increasingly so, yes. Under BREEAM NC 2011 and 2014, the LCA study would help the project achieve two exemplary credits. However, under the more recent BREEAM NC 2018, the LCA has replaced the Green Guide Rating and garners seven credits under Mat 01. So if a design team aims to achieve an Excellent BREEAM rating, it’s becoming ever more important to include an LCA study in their plans. 

The LCA reports can also be an effective tool in the value engineering of large developments. Knowing the true carbon costs of different materials allows developers to consider the most cost-effective option across the project. 

What do I need to provide to enable a study to be carried out?

  • Full design drawing (plans, section, elevation, etc.)
  • Construction details
  • Detailed build-ups
  • Landscaping specification

How can we help?

Our experienced consultants can talk over your needs and everything you’d need to provide for us to conduct the study quickly and thoroughly. If you’re looking to boost your BREEAM score, an LCA study is a good way to go about it. Under BREEAM 2014 specifications, carrying out the study will add 2% to your score, regardless of its outcome. Under BREEAM 2018, all Mat 01 credits depend on this report. It’s worth bearing in mind that, under BREEAM 2018, the first part of the report must be carried out before the planning submission, so plan to call us early in the process. 

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