Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis aims to estimate the cost of running and maintaining the project post-construction, for its whole lifetime. This includes utility costs, maintenance and replacement of building services, as well as painting, cleaning and so on. This is vital information for the building owner/occupier, allowing them to estimate the true cost of owning and maintaining the building over time. It also helps the developers make well-informed choices about the most cost-effective materials to use in the design. 

LCC studies are carried out using industry-recognised tools to ensure compliance with relevant BREEAM credits: IES VE and One Click.

Do I need an LCC analysis?

Not only is an LCC analysis good practice as a courtesy to the property owner/occupier, possibly preventing misunderstandings later on, it’s a valuable addition for the design team. Under BREEAM NC 2011 and 2014, an LCC report would help you achieve three credits under Man 02, worth 1.65%. It also allows the developers to compare materials with a view to saving costs, during construction and later in the building’s life cycle. 

What do I need to provide to enable the assessment to be carried out?

  • Full design drawing (plans, section, elevation, etc.)
  • Construction detail
  • Detailed build-ups
  • Building services strategy
  • Lighting design and type
  • Estimate construction costs

How can we help?

Our consultants can help you decide if a Life Cycle Cost analysis would be helpful for your project, and what information you’d need to provide for us to get started. It may be valuable to add another BREEAM credit to your project assessment, not to mention becoming aware of the likely running costs of the building, and where savings can be made. Please bear in mind that although this information can help the design team to make decisions, Darren Evans Assessments is not a full costing consultancy: for absolute figures and in-depth analysis, it’s worth getting in touch with a consultancy specialising in finance projection. 

Get in touch:

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