In order to meet the needs of the developer its essential your tender document sets out and achieves all of their requirements. You will need to demonstrate your capability of delivering the building on time, within budget and on target environmentally. Showing that you have completed pre tender environmental analysis on a project demonstrates you have ensured costs are optimised and risk has been reduced.

Complying with building regulations and other energy and sustainability targets is part of building new commercial and residential property. However, if the standards and targets that are relevant for your project are not considered early enough then this can be a very costly part of the project.

Meeting energy efficiency targets should be considered early to ensure that there are as many options available to the design team as possible to ensure that the project achieves these targets. 

By considering construction and design options early your project team can ensure a project is:

  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Buildable 
  • Attractive to the market

We have worked with a number of organisations supporting them to prepare tendering bids for residential, commercial and mixed use developments. We can provide advice on value engineering to achieve energy savings and maximum environmental points in BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) by evaluating your tender documents and specification proposals before you submit these to the client.

We have a number of different skill sets that enable us to provide support across many different energy and sustainability aspects of your tender.

We can offer you the following in relation to your tender bid:

  • Sample modelling to provide guidance on Part L compliance strategies 
  • Various fabric design and M&E options
  • Feasibility assessment of renewable solutions and their impact on the energy efficiency targets
  • Cost efficiency identification 
  • Alternative solutions to achieving the targets needed
  • Early RIBA Stage involvement in the project enhancing your ability to achieve early credits in CfSH and BREEAM
  • BREEAM and CfSH Pre Assessments to ensure planning conditions are met 

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Before you submit your tender bid, do not hesitate to get in touch so we can be your second pair of eyes. We will identify any shortfalls in your specification early so these do not become problems later down the line. Involving us as part of your design team will allow us to help you deliver a methodical approach to specifying the building fabric and services allowing, you to price right and come in on budget. 

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