A thermal comfort model, or overheating assessment, is carried out on a development to ensure the indoor environment does not exceed a comfortable limit for the occupants. 

Thermal models must confirm that the design of the building is in line with CIBSE Guide A and CIBSE TM:52 or with CIBSE TM:59 for residential developments. 

Do I need a Thermal Model?

If your building is at risk of overheating, then a thermal model is an effective way to provide reassurance that the indoor environment will be comfortable for the occupants. Many local councils now require an overheating assessment to be carried out for major developments to ensure the health and wellbeing of the building users, and also to guard against the risks of overheating from future climate change. The GLA London Plan similarly aims to protect building users from risks of future temperature rises due to climate change.

BREEAM assessments have long required thermal comfort modelling to gain Health and Wellbeing (HEA) credits, and continue to do so in the new BREEAM 2018. 

Thermal modelling can also be a very effective tool in the value engineering of large developments. Knowing that the comfort of the building’s occupants is secured with a certain design specification allows for more cost-effective measures to be considered in other areas of the project.

What do you need to provide to enable a Thermal Model to be carried out?

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How can we help?

Whether you need a thermal model carried out for BREEAM credits, local planning policy, Employers Requirements, value engineering or just peace of mind, the experienced team at Darren Evans Assessments can help you through the process from start to finish. 

We provide highly accurate, thorough work that meets your deadlines and satisfies all stakeholders. 

Whatever the size of your project, from a single-build house to a multi-storey mixed-use development site, our CIBSE-accredited Low Carbon Consultants can offer advice and support throughout your building’s design right through to completion. 

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