All new homes are required to meet water efficiency targets outlined under Part G of building regulations. 

Dwellings need to demonstrate that they use no more than 125 litres / person / day. Consideration needs to be given the flow rates of taps and showers, the capacity of baths and the efficiency of other water using appliances around the home such as washing machines and dishwashers. 

We have completed a number of different Part G calculations including calculations incorporating rainwater and greywater systems. 

What do these calculations do?

These calculations assess what plumbed services are present in a building and their individual water use based on capacity and / or flow rate. These services are then combined to determine whether or not the property as a whole falls below the maximum water use required under Part G of building regulations or its respective local council’s requirements which may improve upon building regulations.

How we can help:

We can conduct the formal calculations required by Building Control as well as provide guidance on what amendments can be made to meet specifications. One of the most cost effective ways to comply with the Part G regulations is the use of flow restrictors on taps and showers. These flow restrictors can be fitted in the pipework and can ensure lower flow rates for these fixtures and fittings.  

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Our team are here to answer any of your queries, or if you would like a FREE quotation, please give us a call on 0333 5777 577 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.



Get in touch:

Our team are here to answer any of your queries, or if you would like a FREE quotation, please give us a call on 
0333 5777 577 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.




Top Tips:

  • Water Calculations are required for Part G of the Building regulations.
  • On applying for planning permission applications require a water calculation.